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Create Your Email Address

Lets assume that your name is Jane Doe and that your web address is You therefore want to create an email address called

First open up your web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc)  and append cpanel to your domain name. You’ll navigate to something like substituting in your own domain name. You should see a cPanel login screen. Login with credentials that we have provided.


Once logged in you should see the main cPanel admin area. Be careful in here, cPanel is powerful and it’s quite possible to break the website. Scroll to the email section and click ‘Email Accounts’.


In the ‘Email Accounts’ screen there will be an ‘Add Email Account’ form you can fill in. Add the front end of your email address into the ‘Email’ field. Fill in a strong password into the ‘Password’ section. Then click ‘Create Account’.

cpanel-add-email-accountYour new email should appear in the table looking similar to the image below.


You’ve now created a new domain specific email address. You’ll also need to setup your local machine so you can send and receive emails; read about in the next tutorial.

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