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Email Forwarders

Email forwarders are the functionality that allow email sent to a certain account to be resent to another. Very handy in lots of business situations. For example you may want to use a generic email address such as on the front of your website, but Jane Doe needs to handle the enquiries, so we set up a forwarder to resend email from to Or maybe someone is on holiday and emails sent to them need to be handled by someone else why they’re gone.

Set up forwarder

If you’re using Phoenix Web Development hosting, here’s how you do it. Note that the email address you’re forwarding does not need to be setup in ‘Email Accounts’ to be forwarded. Simply follow the steps below.

Login to your domain’s cPanel (which is covered in our first email tutorial). Once in the admin area, click ‘Forwarders’ within the ‘Email’ section.


You’ll be taken to the Forwarders screen which should look like the screen below. Click ‘Add Forwarder’.


Fill in the forwarder form

  • In ‘Address to Forward’ add the part of the email account which comes before the @ symbol.
  • The ‘Domain’ field should have your domain as the only choice.
  • Select ‘Forward to Email Address’ and fill in the email account. This can be any email account and does not have to be tied to the domain name. For example, would work fine.
  • ‘Advanced Options’ can be ignored for most use cases.
  • Click ‘Add Forwarder’.



If successful, your forwarder should be added to the table, looking similar to the image below. You’re done!


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