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Setup Email On Your Local Machine

There are two main steps to setting up domain specific email. The first is creating the email address and is covered in the previous tutorial. The second is setting up your local machine to be able to send and receive emails from your new address and is covered below for some of the most common email client programs.

Setup Email on Outlook 2016

Open up Outlook 2016. Open File in the top ribbon. Then click Account Settings.

The Account Settings window appears. Select the E-mail tab and click New. Don’t worry if you already have some existing account, it won’t be overwritten. You can manage many email accounts with Outlook.



Then you’ll be prompted to enter some details. Skip all that by selecting Manual Setup and click Next.

For the service select POP or IMAP and click Next.


The account settings window is where things get trickier. You’ll need to enter the main connection details, substituting our dummy account info with your own credentials.

When you’re finished, click More Settings. Don’t click Next yet as we have a few more parameters to enter.


In the Internet E-mail Settings dialog set the following additional options.


Once you’re done with the additional options, click OK and then Next. Outlook will attempt to login to the email server and send a test message. With any luck, they should both be successful and you can click Close.


Finally, click Finish and bask in the glory of your completed email configuration.


Setup Email on Thunderbird

Open up Thunderbird. If it’s the first time you’ve opened Thunderbird you’ll be prompted to create an email account. If not click on an existing email account and you’ll get the screen below. Click Email under Create a new account.


You may be prompted to create an email address with third party providers. Click Skip this and use my existing email.


Now you enter some basic email account information.


Mozilla will attempt to automatically configure the email account but will fail. Fill in the rest of the server configuration as per below.


That should be all you need to do. Check your email inbox and try sending an email from the new address.

Setup Email on iPhone

Pick up your iPhone. Select the Settings icon shown below.iphone-settings-icon

Navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.



In the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen, select Add Account.


Select Other as provider.



Select Add Mail Account. If you’re wondering why you have to press Add Mail Account when you’ve already pressed Add Account, we’re wondering the same thing. Just do it.


Now you enter some basic email account information. Enter account details below.


Enter more detailed account details below. Some of the fields should be prefilled by the entries you made in the previous screen. Fill in the rest of the server configuration as per below.

Your phone will attempt to verify the server. If everything has been entered correctly you will move onto the next screen. If not, a popup will appear which says Cannot Verify Server Identity. Press Continue and make sure settings are entered correctly. If you still can’t verify don’t hesitate to contact us.


Ensure Mail is switched on. Notes and any other services are totally up to you. Click Save.


Enter the mail app by clicking the Mail icon shown below.


You should be able to see the inbox for your email account.


Test sending and receiving emails. If anything seems amiss be sure to check details on the Advanced screen. Details should be automatically set to be like the below. If not, make any adjustments necessary.


That’s it. Enjoy email on your iPhone!

Setup Email on Android Phone

Pick up your phone and open the gmail app. It will have an icon like this:


On the top of the screen press the menu button.


Press the arrow for alternative menu options and press + Add account.


Select Other when you’re prompted to choose an email provider.


Enter your full email address and press Next.

In answer to What type of account is this?, select Personal (IMAP) account and press Next.


Enter the password to your email address and press Next.


Enter incoming server settings.


Enter outgoing server settings. These are similar to the previous screen, but not exactly the same.


You’ll be prompted to select account options. Change options as you see fit and press Next.



Check your inbox. You should see emails from your new address in your Android device!

What Next?

You may now want to setup email forwarders. If so, check out our email forwarding tutorial.

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