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Technical Masterpieces
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Good websites are all alike. Every bad website is bad in its own way.

- Paraphrased from Leo Tolstoy -

screen showing web development using flat design
A website can be an indispensable tool for your business which provides marketing, information, community and direct income. But it has to be done right. There’s a plethora of interlocking factors that make a good site good. Just one or two cylinders not firing can make the rest of the site ineffective. What do we mean? Well, just for example …

  • You have a website where each page navigation takes 10 seconds to load. It has beautiful design, logical layout, and effective content. All that good work goes to waste as visitors give up waiting for the screen.
  • Your site uses a proprietary content management system. What happens if the company that built it goes belly up? You can’t find anyone who will update this system. What now? The web developer you used shouldn’t have picked that system in the first place.
  • You’ve started selling beautiful widgets with your beautiful online widget shop. One day your site gets hacked because your developer didn’t clean malicious scripts from the input of your website forms. You find out when all your links redirect to viagra sites.
  • Your visitor arrives at your site using a mobile phone. Your site looks great but it isn’t mobile responsive. After 30 seconds of pinching and zooming and squinting at tiny text, your visitor gives up, exasperated.

It’s important to get these things right the first time because fixing it down the track is always more expensive. Worse still, websites are a lot like cars. When you’re left with a wreck, it’s often cheaper to get a new one than to fix it.


We will get it right for you the first time

How do we get it right? Because we do the following:

  • Use a content management system as the bedrock of your website. This allows you to take control of your site content without needing to know how to code. Our preferred content management system is WordPress but if desired we also have experience with Drupal and Joomla.
  • Manage the infrastructure you need to get a site up and running including hosting, domain names and anything else you’ll need.
  • Build your website on a staging area which you can view at any point of the project. You’ll see your website take shape and will be able to approve or deny changes as they happen in an ongoing conversation where you’re in control.
  • Help you every step of the way with training, documentation and ongoing troubleshooting support.

Mobile Optimised Design

  • Responsive layouts that automatically move and resize to fit the size of the screen. We are proponents of responsive web design; we don’t build one site for mobile and one for desktop.
  • Menus that are easy to use on mobile.
  • Mobile first CSS so small devices load only the necessary information.
  • Images that account for the high pixel density of modern phones and tablets.
We are experts at making your website friendly for mobile users. This is absolutely essential on today’s web because about half of all browsing is now done on a mobile device. Read more

Source: Tagman Study of Glasses Direct site. Each additional second of page load time led to a 7% decrease in conversions.

Need for speed

The faster you get your site to your visitors eyeballs the better. We will balance functionality with page load speed, and get your site loaded as fast as we can, using techniques like:

  • Writing highly efficient code with a minimum of database queries.
  • Minimising code files
  • Caching dynamic pages into static files and informing browsers what to cache.
  • Compressing images
  • Utilising a CDN like CloudFlare to deliver content from multiple servers.

You have a need for speed and we do too.

Make Friends and Influence People with an online community

Create Buzz
You want to turn your website from a bunch of pages to a place where people with your interests congregate. Getting a buzz going about a topic of your choice isn’t easy, but with our help you’ll be needing to hire on more staff after a few months.
Connect Social Media

We can integrate your site with your social media accounts by providing page feeds, sharing buttons, social media login, automatic posting of content to social media and much more.

If you’re in way over your head we can setup your social media accounts from scratch.

Grow Communities

We can setup all the functionality you need to bind a community together including social networks, forums and wikis all seamlessly integrated into the other aspects of your site.

Of course, if you’ve got something off the beaten track in mind let us know! We love solving new problems.

Go check out a few other web developers. We’ll wait. When you get back, go to our contact page and drop us a line about the website you’re imagining or fill in our questionnaire for a quote.

Then relax as we take care of the rest.

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