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For those clients who want it, we provide dedicated domain specific email hosting. Meaning for example you could have an email address like for your domain This gives your business a professional look and separates your business email from your personal email. We’ve provided some tutorials to help you setup your email in some of the most common email clients.

The process of connecting email is fairly similar no matter which email client you use so one of these tutorials may be useful to you even if it’s for a different client to what you’re using. Though please feel free to contact us if your device and/or email client is not included. If it’s not too obscure we’ll add a tutorial for it.

cPanel Email Addresses

Note the tutorials assume you are using our dedicated email hosting. If we host your website it’s also possible to create email addresses in cPanel. The main difference in connecting email created within cPanel is that the incoming and outgoing server hostname will be and not as per the tutorials. If you’re unsure, you’re probably using dedicated email hosting.

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