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Let’s Get Cracking

It’s 2024. You know what eCommerce is. It’s time to get on board. We can take care of all the scary parts. You’ll be selling your stuff online before you can say ‘Payment Card Industry compliance‘. Plus, all the great reasons to commission a website with us apply to eCommerce websites too.

For most eCommerce scenarios we recommend you use WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the premier e-commerce plugin for WordPress. We use WooCommerce because it is user friendly, easy to develop for and highly flexible, with hundreds of extensions available. As of writing WooCommerce accounts for 39% of all eCommerce websites.

Once you’re travelling with an eCommerce website built by us you’ll be able to manage all aspects yourself. You’ll have freedom to add new products, change prices and manage orders from any computer with an internet connection. Pants totally optional.

Sell Anything

If you want to sell physical products online, we can have you up and running in no time. But maybe you’re not just selling widgets. You want something special. We can help you sell:

  • Subscriptions for magazines, ezines, downloadable content
  • Bookings for tables, rooms and appointments.
  • Tickets to concerts, sport events, seminars or any other events you hold.
  • Downloadable products like images, video, software.
  • Listings including business directories, classifieds listings
  • Donations including one off, regular and ‘pay what you want’ donations.

If you can sell it, we can help you sell it online.

Integrate Anything

Payment Gateway

If you want to be paid with credit transactions you’re going to need a payment gateway. Whichever payment gateway you choose, we can integrate it with your site. And if you don’t know who to use, we can help you choose the payment gateway suitable for your needs and budget.


If you’re intending to sell physical products you’ll need to ship them. You’ll want your customers to pay for that right? This can be as simple as a flat price or as complex as solving the bin packing problem. Or maybe you want to download shipping prices from your courier API in real time. We can help you with that.


We can integrate your shop with online accounting software like Xero and Freshbooks. Or simply output reports you can import into your favourite spreadsheet program. Never lift a finger at taxtime again.


Need product data from vendors? We can setup custom solutions to download and display information to your customers in real time. If they have an API we can build it!

You want an eCommerce site and you want it built rock solid by Phoenix Web Development

Hit us up on our contact page or fill in our questionnaire to get a quote. Years later, when you’re counting your money stacks on the kitchen table you’ll remember this moment and think, “heh”.

Please note that we are currently unable to take on new client projects due to filled capacity.

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