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When we found ourselves in trouble with our website because of a past developer, James came to our rescue! James’ work on my website has saved me countless hours of frustration and goodness knows how much money! When he started I didn’t even know if what we needed for our website was possible, but I have been blown away by his work. James’ service, knowledge and talent is outstanding. To say I am happy with what Phoenix Web has done for us is an understatement; I am ecstatic!

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Folding@Home contribution stats for team Phoenix Web Development
Team ID 230741
Grand score (points) 69,170,144
Work units completed 6,626
Team Ranking 6,337 of 229,487 teams
Report generated on July 18, 2024, 5:52 am
Phoenix Web Development donors
James_Jones 52,455,919
Vicki_Jones 15,852,962
Inspiron7570Laptop 854,021
Barnes 6,000
Sue_Barnes 1,242

Folding@home allows anyone to assist with disease research by donating their unused computer processing power. To join in, simply download the F@H software.

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