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The checkout is the final web page before the actual monetary transaction takes place on an eCommerce website. At the checkout, the customer will enter the following information:

  • Billing and shipping addresses if the product is physical.
  • Payment method.
  • Credit card details if using a payment gateway. If using a third-party payment processor, credit card details will be entered on the processor’s web page separate from your own web page.
  • Contact details like email address or phone number.

Optional information which you might want from a customer:

  • Username for an account on your website.
  • Tick-boxes for any newsletter signups, or optional settings such as gift wrapping.
  • Choice of shipping method if relevant.

The checkout will show a final tally of items with cost for the customer to review. After filling in the information and reviewing their purchase, the customer presses the final purchase button. If you own an eCommerce website then every aspect of your site should revolve around getting your visitors to this stage and turning them into customers.

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