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A LAMP stack is a computer with the following software installed:

This combination of software allows a computer to serve up dynamic websites. While there are many other combinations of software which make up a server, LAMP is the most popular. There are a few reasons for this:

  • LAMP has been around for over two decades.
  • All the software in a LAMP stack is free and open source.
  • AMP come bundled with a fresh install of most Linux distributions.
  • The top 3 content management systems are designed to be used with a LAMP server.

LAMP is slowly losing market share to other server stacks. Despite this it will remain a major player for many years to come.

LAMP Alternatives

For each of the four software packages making up a LAMP server, there is equivalent software. Any of them can be swapped out and the stack will perform similarly. For example,

  • The equivalent stack built on Windows is called a WAMP stack. Similarly, there is a MAMP stack for OSX on Macs.
  • Apache Server is often swapped out for Nginx.
  • MySQL is sometimes swapped out for PostgreSQL or MariaDB.
  • PHP is often swapped out for Perl or Python.

Additionally, whole new paradigms have appeared such as the MEAN stack.

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Read more about LAMP at the Wikipedia LAMP article.

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