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A widget is a block of content or functionality that can be moved around. They often go into the sidebar, header and footer of your site. More complex sites can have many more widget areas. All sites have at least one area that widgets can be placed in. A selection of widgets comes with every fresh WordPress install and many plugins also add widgets.

To add a new widget to your website:

Clicking and dragging the 'Custom Menu' widget
Clicking and dragging the ‘Custom Menu’ widget
WordPress widget configuration window
Widget configuration window
JetPack widget visibility window
Creating a rule for widget visibility

Some other things you can do with widgets on this screen:

Also note that some widgets are more useful than others. Many widgets are totally useless. Some examples of useless widgets include the Meta, Calendar and Akismet widgets that come with WordPress.

You can read more about widgets at the WordPress widgets page.

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